What is the best type of cannabis for multiple sclerosis patients?

" I need something that helps with pain, relaxation, appetite, and sleep. "

Hi there,

There have been many promising studies done with Sativex, a 1:1 THC:CBD mouth spray, in MS patients that relate specifically to pain and spasticity. Here are some studies where it was used:

Based on these studies, finding a product with a 1:1 ratio may be good place to start. You can adjust dosings and ratios as you see fit. The general rule is always "start low and go slow." Product-wise it would probably be easiest to find 1:1 ratios in tincture form, although there are some strains out there like Cannatonic and Canna-Tsu that usually have something close to a 1:1.

I’d also encourage you to look for a 1:1 product that is full specturm to get the added benefits of terpenes.

Best of luck!

Danielle Lim

Hi! Here is a post from my blog where I list some of my favorite strains for my MS pain. In a more recent post I talk about the fact that I have learned that it is about which terpenes are IN the strains that I select.


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