What is the best way to help alleviate pain with cannabis, as opposed to prescription medications?

Pain is usually due to inflammatory cell build up so in my opinion, it is best addressed with an anti- inflammatory medication but since NSAIDS increase your risk of a stroke in your lifetime it might be best to consider CBD cannabis since it will act as an effective anti-inflammatory. CBD cannabis may lower your blood pressure the first week you take the medication but your body usually adapts quickly and you are relaxed. It does take time to remove the inflammatory cells so also consider a shorter acting CBD. The best combination may be a super concentrate CBD like 28 : 1 in a MCT extract along with a shorter, faster acting cannabis like the 4 : 1 spray of CBD : THC repeated every 4 hours but do keep in mind the shorter acting cannabis has more THC and you will not be able to drive or go to work because you will be tipsy. Ice and elevation also help to reduce pain but acute pain should last only a few hours to a few days and if the pain is lasting longer, your body is trying to communicate another message, maybe you are Vitamin D deficient or you may need buffered Vitamin C for tissue repair. All prescription medicines carry significant side effects and keep in mind side effects are the negative effects that are likely to happen so please, consult your pharmacist.
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