What is the best way to store my cannabis?

"I tend to like particular strains so when I find one that helps me the most I stock up. What would be the ideal place/temperature/etc.. to keep my cannabis fresh? "

If you are looking for absolute best solution, then use the food saver machine that vacuum packs. Put it in Mylar material and keep out of heat and direct sunlight. Any air left behind in your container of cannabis will oxidize the cannabis, age, and convert to CBN. Some people are really interested in CBN’s effects btw. If you have a lot of plant material, for example, stored in a turkey bag, then it keeps pretty good as long as you twist it tightly. Empirical tests show that cannabis may age, or become oxidized, but really only the outside layer of it exposed most to any light or elements. The cannabis shielded beneath that layer, keeps great potency for a year. Also, if you don’t have a food saver vacuum packer, then seal your ziploc bag except for just a small opening on the end corner. Put your mouth over that corner of the bag (not sanitary really), and suck the air out to create your own vacuum and complete the seal quickly.


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