What is the difference between Sweet Releaf Balm and Raw Balm?

Sweet ReLeaf is actually a body butter not a balm because it was developed to go smoothly onto and into the skin, absorbing easily and feeling soft and smooth on application. This was intentional for chronic pain sufferers who might be applying it several times a day who want & need it to feel super comfortable to their skin. It does have a very light minty scent. When applied it doesn’t have a heavy heating or sharp cooling effect like many balms that also have a sharp lasting smell like Ben Gay or Tiger Balm. Many balms leave a slightly sticky residue on the skin that can often feel like a "second skin" that lasts for hours. When massaged into the skin, Sweet ReLeaf disappears completely without residue or lingering odor. And finally, the ingredients in Sweet ReLeaf (coconut oil, shea butter) are all naturally good for the skin’s health so they nourish the skin while carrying the cannabis into the area being treated for pain.


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