What is the difference between using a vape pen and a vaporizer?

"I think the difference is using oil vs. flower? Is this it? What’s the difference in the amount of impact that you can feel? I am looking for easiest solution to when I have a migraine that will reduce the pain the fastest. "

Yes the difference is that, oil vs flower. Vaporizers are typically bulkier since they use elaborate heating mechanisms. In general, oils are pure extracted oil, so they are much more concentrated. You will get a few hits with packing a vaporizer with flower, as opposed to the average 220 puff from a vape cartridge filled with 500mg of pure oil. You can view of our our cartridges at our online store.


As someone who suffers from migraines myself and has years of vaporizer experience, I find that the other ingredients used for extracting the oil cause more problems for me. I much prefer a flower device with some organic material inside, and specifically a convection vaporizer with a low draw resistance is best.

Convection is best because it allows you to take 1 draw at a time as needed rather than a conduction device that heats all your herbs and requires a full chamber to be finished all at once.

Low draw resistance is important as not to strain an already sensitive and sore part of the body. The harder you have to suck on the device to achieve vapor, the more pressure you will build in your head. I also find that oil vaporizers get gummed up and caused a higher draw resistance.

A device like the Grasshopper Vaporizer, sold by Hopper Labs is a great option that offers both pure convection and low draw resistance. It is also an incredibly low maintenance device. For more information, visit ghvape.com.


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