What is the dosage of CBD a day to receive chronic back pain from disc herniation?

Hello! I recommend to start with high ratio of CBD to THC, around 20:1. There is no standardized dosing, other than to say start low and go slow. A low dose is around 2.5 – 5 mg once a day. Increase as needed or as tolerated to find relief. In addition to an internal cannabis product, you can also try an external cream or balm to put on the skin at the site of pain. The benefit of using a CBD product is that it helps to relieve neuropathic or nerve pain and inflammation. Hope this provides you with some relief. Best of luck.


Dr. Jacquelyn Lew gave a very good answer…keep in mind that if after experimenting with high CBD and you still don’t get relief, some people find that adding a small amount of THC to the CBD can be helpful. If you keep the CBD content higher than the THC, you should not experience the uncomfortable effects of too much THC.


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