What is the lowest mg of THC needed for CBD to still be effective?

" I’m currently taking 8-1 ratio, and my head feels like I’ve drank too much coffee. Is there a higher percentage that I can take and still get the pain relief and healing properties?"

CBD and THC are the 2 most prominent active ingredients in cannabis, and they have very different properties so the proportion of the two ingredients is a big part of how the medicine makes you feel. I presume you are taking 8:1 CBD:THC ratio, which typically would have very little side effects because it is CBD-dominant. However, the DOSE of THC is also important to consider, as in, how many total milligrams of THC you are getting in each dose of the medicine. Other patients have had good effects with ratios such as 20:1 or even 30:1 CBD:THC, and limiting the THC dose to 2.5 mg or less can also help minimize your side effects. I hope you find a product that helps you!


I was thinking of your side effects and had a possible idea as to what might be going on. Instead of looking at the effects of THC, is it possible that the CBD dosage is too high? I have a fair amount of pts tell me that CBD can produce effects like caffeine (racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping, GI distress, etc). Perhaps, you should try a 4:1 ratio of CBD & THC but look for a TOTAL amount/ mg of dosage for vape-pen or tincture drop that is less than you’re current dose, especially in the CBD department. Just a thought; hope this helps and please let us know about your progress!


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