What is the maximum dose of CBD than can be used for pain and leg spasms?

"I have severe RLS and want to figure out a mixture of CBD and Indica as opposed to having to start on Opiods. What is the maximum CBD that can be used for pain and leg spasms.

This all depends on your previous exposure to cannabinoids (if any) and various products you’ve tried in the past. For example, a topical may contain 300-400mg of cannabinoid a jar; if one application is used every day for a month, this is @30-40mg of cannabinoid that is being administered (but not necessarily absorbed). Oil cartridges are sold in 1/2 gram and 1 gram measures and can contain from 20-60% cannabinoid by weight. If this is used every day for a month that’s 200-600mg divided by 30–> @7mg to 10mg of cannabinoid per usage. I advise patients to search for the "minimum effective concentration" that is the lowest @ dosage of cannabinoid that works for symptom relief. Given that you have RLS, I would also venture that sleep is an issue as well? In this case, you might want to give edibles a chance. Various products range from 10- 250mg per product, so I would urge to start low w/ a test dose on a Friday/ weekend and only starting off at 1/2 or less of what the recommended adult dose that is listed on the package. "low and slow" dosing of vape-pens and topicals should also work. Also; it’s been my observation and some other MD’s here that CBD in too high a dose for some people may make it harder for you to sleep (if this is a goal of yours). More of the indica (w/ cBN and THC) as you mentioned before should help out. Don’t forget to get your potassium level checked; there is also evidence that mild stretching nightly will also be helpful. I hope this helps!


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