Effective Strains for Back Pain

Many varieties of cannabis are helpful for back pain. Indica strains generally are more suited to treat pain, while sativas have more cerebral effects. CBD is a compound found in certain strains of cannabis that provide anti-inflammatory effects without psychoactive effects. You might try a sublingual tincture with CBD, THC and the other naturally occurring compounds in cannabis. Topically applied cannabis can provide more localized relief and inhaled cannabis provides immediate relief.


Relief of this kind of pain is a common reason patients try medicinal cannabis. It becomes a more difficult treatment problem when it is chronic because the usual treatments for acute severe pain, like opioids, cannot effectively manage chronic back pain, and can even become harmful because of tolerance and dependence. One clinically well demonstrated effect of cannabis is to enhance the pain relieving effects of opioids, which allows patients to reduce the opioid dose needed to control it. Since chronic pain also involves the mind and emotions, medicinal cannabis can also be helpful for patients with this affliction by moderating mood and relaxing muscles, and for some patients these effects are sufficient to be able to manage their back pain without using any pharmaceuticals. Always be cautious taking cannabis with opioids as their additive effects may cause transient dizziness, nausea, or sedation. Although unpleasant, these subside quickly and require no treatment other than lying down in a quiet room. Some patients with chronic back pain have reported topical cannabis preparations are helpful, and I’d certainly give that a try, but for many patients it’s a matter of trying different varieties of cannabis and various CBD:THC ratios to find what helps them the most. Edibles may also be effective, but while inhaled cannabis gives immediate effects edibles can take up to an hour.


Hello. Have a look at the article (linked below), which goes over top cannabis strains reported as being effective in alleviating this problem. A few of those marijuana strains include Headband and OG Kush, both of which are high in THC, and ACDC, which is high in CBD. As well, we have an article on marijuana-infused topicals that can help with back pain:
https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/589b56e47a547a0008f2c9ce/the-top-3-cannabis-topicals-for-back-pain — my partner who’s been suffering from severe back pain due to a bulging disc these past few months has found some relief using topicals. The ones he likes are Farmaceuticals CBD therapy balm and Papa & Barkley 1:3 THC:CBD Releaf Balm. And finally, here’s an article, which touches on what Dr. Elkind talks about–that medical marijuana can reduce the use of opioid painkillers in those suffering from chronic or severe back pain: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/55959af73065300006100000/medical-marijuana-may-reduce-opioid-use-for-back-pain-sufferers. Regarding edibles, these may be a good option for chronic pain sufferers who want longer-lasting relief, as edibles’ effects typically last between 6-8 hours. However, it really comes down to experimenting both with the delivery method of cannabis as well as specific doses, strains and products to see what works best in easing your severe back pain–perhaps a combination of doses & delivery methods will be ideal, but trial and error is required. Best of luck.


Actually, I do not think there is one most effective strain of cannabis for back pain and I usually do not recommend an edible for this situation unless it is a low sugar CBD edible. Since I am an Osteopathic physician and I have treated structure pain for 35 years, I agree with the other responses but would like to add that it is important to know what is causing your back pain so it can be treated appropriately. If you are smoking cigarettes, stop, because you are deteriorating your spine at an alarming rate. If you are unhappy in life, your back will likely hurt more but you can start to look for positives in your life and use your CBDs because I believe CBD will make you fall in love with yourself and you will take better care of yourself. You should look into a movement class, like Rosen Method to help your body get moving again because this reduces your pain and if you use the topical 1:1 CBD:THC cream before and after class you experience greatly reduced pain. Posture and hydration is also important as well as your level of Vitamin D intake. An edible 1:1 like the chocolate covered blueberries should help you sleep well. Please, be aware, too much THC can increase your muscle spasms and sleep disturbance and you need to sleep well to restore your health. Back pain is a good thing to get rid of so you can live your life fully.
Be well and treat your body well and it will respond.


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