What is the shelf life of the pens?

"I bought my wife a a relief formula about a month ago, but she has yet to use it. Se wants to try it on a day when she has nothing planned for that day or the day after so she can gauge its effect and be assured it won’t affect her work. Since she has so much going on, it may be some time until she tries it. So what is the shelf life of the product before and during use?"

Hi and thank you for this question and we look forward to your wife finding the right time to be able to try the hmbldt relief dose pen. There are really two considerations when it comes to the shelf life on the product. First is the lifecycle and natural drain of the lithium ion battery that provides power to the vaporizing element and second is the life of the active ingredients inside our need state formulations.

The dose pen has a battery custom made to our specifications that delivers a minimum of 200 doses to the patient and maintains a charge level that allows the device to deliver a consistent and repeatable dose over that time. However, there is a natural drain that occurs in lithium ion batteries over time even when sitting and not in use. The good news is that this drain is minimal, at about 5% over the first 6 months of the life of the device, so you will not experience any lack of performance over this time. After 12 months, you will experience a decrease in the overall number of doses delivered by approximately 15%, but the device will still appropriately deliver the medicine. Note: it is always best to store the device in a cool, dry place to maintain its optimal shelf life.

Regarding the formulated oil, we are in the process of performing long-term shelf life studies on the medicinal formulations to determine the exact shelf life of the product. The compounds in our formulations are very stable, and ur Chief Science Officer, Samantha, recommends that all products be consumed within 12 months of purchase to ensure proper dosing of the cannabinoids and terpenes. After about 6 months, you may see a slight color shift in the oil due to changes in the pigments from co-extractable products, but this will not affect the cannabinoid or terpene levels. Again, it is always best to store the device in a cool, dry place to maintain its optimal shelf life, as overexposure to UV light could cause a conversion of the THC to CBN and the CBD to CBDN over time.

hmbldt guarantees satisfaction – all cannabis used in our formulas is sourced from Humboldt County, CA. – hmbldt uses no fillers


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