What is the significance of 'full spectrum' cannabinoids in Xternal?

"How do your products compare to the high CBD approach you see elsewhere?"

Hello, and thanks for this great question. The official answer, from our medical expert, is that different Cannabinoids have different mechanisms of action and that using a full spectrum rather than a single molecule capitalizes on this synergy to maximize the benefits.

The unofficial answer, from yours truly, is that the full spectrum gives us the proverbial "entourage effect." When you think of an entourage, you likely think "rock star." Continuing that analogy, let’s say that THC and CBD are the rock stars of Cannabinoids. Let’s say they are the Mick and Keith of Cannabinoids. But Mick and Keith can’t put on a Rolling Stones concert all by themselves. They need the rest of the band, the instruments, stage managers, sound engineers, lighting crew, roadies, and so on. They all have a job to do, although some of them are there to help the others do their jobs. It’s the same with Cannabinoids. They all have a specific function within the body, some have a job of their own, and some support or enhance the performance of the others. When all the players are doing their jobs you either get a great concert or you achieve homeostasis, depending on whether you’re talking music or medicine…

As we continue to study this amazing plant, we will be learning more about the various functions each Cannabinoid performs within our bodies. In the meantime, here’s to achieving homeostasis together!

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