what is the strongest cannabis balm or cream for topical usage for pain that you carry? ( I have back issues)

All of our topicals are fantastic – SAVA is highly curated and we try everything before deciding to carry it on the site. Two of my favorites when I want a strong topical are Om Edibles body oil and Sweet Releaf balm, which comes in extra strength. The oil is easy to spread over a large area of the body (such as your entire back) and you can try the balm for targeted spots.


Hi there, I am a formulator and white label manufacturer for many brands and dispensaries. You can get my Blue Dream 300 mg THC 10 mg CBD pain cream made with Blue Dream strain at Haze dispensary in San Jose. You can also get a Leaf Lab 300 mg pain hybrid cream at Leaf Lab in San Jose. Both come in a 2 oz bottle. If you follow my profile or stay in touch with me I can always recommend. If you are unable to go to San Jose, please request your local dispensary to get in touch with me and I’ll produce a line for them (and you)! 🙂


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