What is the suggested topical and dosage for basal cell carcinoma treatment?

The first thing to do if you suspect any type of skin lesion is to visit a dermatologist to get a expert’s opinion on what your skin lesion is. In the United States 3.5 million people a year are diagnosed with skin cancer. Out of these about 76,000 are melanomas and about 10,000 people die from it each year. With melanoma the original source is sometimes never found or is in a place that you can’t see such as between your toes on the bottom of your foot. Bob Marley passed away from a aggressive melanoma that started under the nail of his foot.

There are many anecdotal stories about "cures" of all types of cancers. A "cure" by definition is over 5 years without a recurrence. There have been studies in laboratories around the world on cells that show promise about various forms of cannabis killing cancer cells as well as on animals that are promising. There is a new study of 50,000 people beginning in Canberra Australia that is testing a special strain of cannabis developed in Israel to treat melanoma ALONG WITH traditional treatments to see if it increases survival.

I would not suggest any topical to "treat" a basel cell cancer.

Perry Solomon, MD

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