What is the taste? My husband cannot stand the taste of pot usually.

I’m afraid I haven’t sampled the tea from Kikoko yet, so I can’t give you my personal opinion, but many of my co-workers rave about this product. Actually, I think @VeronicaB just posted about it a few days ago. Hopefully she can weigh in! I will say that I doubt it tastes very "cannabis-y." Many products on the market today are surprisingly delicious!


Hi there! I’m with your husband on this, I hate the taste of cannabis and can detect it in most all its edible forms. I have tried the Kikoko teas and can tell you with confidence that they taste delicious and do an incredible job at masking the taste of the plant.


I agree with @ashleigh. I’ve tried both the Tranquili-Tea and the Positivi-tea, and both are tasty with no pot flavor/aroma. The latter I’ve had more recently and was remarking to my partner that it just tastes like a lovely herbal tea — he and I are both avid tea drinkers.


Hi there!

Yes! I am a big fan of the Tranquili-tea by Kikoko! I think the combination of Lemon Myrtle and Chamomile, as well as the addition of licorice root and peppermint help disguise any cannabis taste. So, your husband may notice the tea tastes more "healthy" than like cannabis. But if you are not a fan of the flavor, you can add a little bit of honey to sweeten it, and it will not alter the Cannabis effects of the tea.

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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