What is the theory behind micro-dosing?

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“I have heard budtenders in my dispensary talk about taking small amounts of edibles throughout the day. What is the theory behind talking small amounts like this all the time?”

Microdosing is touted as an effective method for relieving aisle social anxiety and encouraging undistracted mental focus as well as for those seeking greater health benefits. Microdosing is a technique for using cannabis through the administration of doses so low that according to the Wikipedia definition…”they are unlikely to produce whole body effects, but high enough to allow the cellular response to be studied. The best way to micro dose is with a portable vaporizer. I professional promote the use of low dose edibles and have interviewed endurance athletes who benefit from sports nutrition grade cannabis edibles in doses as low as 5 to 7mg THC for a long duration effect that relieves pain, boosts energy, mood and creativity and keeps the body loose and moving!


Hey there, here’s a good article by HelloMD co-founder Pamela that references a UC San Diego study on low-dose vaporized cannabis significantly reducing neuropathic pain: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/micro-dosing-cannabis-stopped-my-chronic-pain. As well, she speaks to her own success with micro-dosing to relieve chronic pain. I too have been experimenting with micro-dosing, specifically with high CBD/low THC tinctures to help reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines (which I used to have on a weekly basis, lasting for 2-3 days) — and I definitely believe that, along with a rehauled diet and fitness regimen, has had a positive effect. I now get migraines only every 4-8 weeks, and they are much less painful than they used to be.


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