What makes Sour Diesel so popular with people and how does it make people feel?

Sour Diesel is indeed very popular, as it is widely produced and utilized. It has a very strong odor and provides uplifting cerebral effects, with an absence of couch lock. Many people utilize it to decrease depression, treat pain (without sedation), and increase energy and creativity. Each cannabis plant will have different effects based on genetics, growing conditions, method of consumption and the set and setting of the human using it.


People describe the high of Sour Diesel as "cerebral" and report very little lethargy associated with smoking it. For this reason, it is quite popular as a creativity aid. It is a predominately Sativa strain, and therefore affects your mind without much physical drag.

I think people turn to Sour Diesel when they want something that will calm their nerves and their active busy minds, but will keep them stimulated, awake, and engaged with the world around them. This stain can work out well for boosting creativity, for going outside and enjoying nature, and other activities where some psycho-activity is desired, without the body calm and lethargy. We also have patients that feel this strain works better than any other for pain during the day.

As with all cannabis, it can vary from person to person and crop to crop so it is recommended to test out a small amount first to see if it work well for you.


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