What makes W Vapes stand out from the numerous vaporizer companies beyond the medicine provided?

"There are many vaporizer companies (seemingly a saturated market) providing a wonderful alternative to traditional dosing mechanisms. From what I’ve seen, the only thing that makes one company stand out over another is cultivation/extraction methods and specific strains. Is there more room for innovation in this market? If so, what are W Vapes plans. "

I do not work for any medical company; I am a patient. And what I would like to see is better flavor and high content at a better price. I have chronic pain and I could use these a lot more and solo as my pain reliever IF and only IF it was available at a way better price. Instead I have to struggle by and continue to use acetemaphin with it to keep my pain at bay and can sleep at night.
So, after my rant I would like to say that at least W vape cartridges do taste better and are at one of the better price ranges.


I believe the cannabis space has always been a relationship-based industry. Even as the market expands and new businesses enter the bourgeoning "cannabiz" arena, the companies that are truly dedicated to service — to their patients, dispensary partners, growers, their communities — will stand out from those that may be motivated more by the excitement of the new "green rush." Establishments (such as Harborside, in Oakland) that truly provide immense benefits to their communities stand out in their balance of business and heart. I think this balance will be a defining feature of this unique industry. As Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo recently said, in regards to this historical moment of the explosive growth of the cannabis industry, "We have to cannabitize the corporate space, not corporatize the cannabis space."

As far as innovation, I think we are only at the beginning. With the changing of laws comes the ability to invest more in research and development, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with the great pioneers of this industry, and an influx of talent from other sectors of business and science that may have been trepidatious about engaging with the cannabis space for fear of legal repercussions. We are truly at the cusp of a new frontier, and we’re only getting started.


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