What marijuana is good for treating insomnia? I have heard it might help me.

"I am not a smoker but I am interested in trying anything that may help me get a better night’s sleep. I am not sleeping well as I get older but I also think I have a low grade sense of anxiety. My one concern is that marijuana might make me more anxious and therefore I really won’t sleep."

Surprising to most people is the fact that the relatively short duration of action of inhaled Cannabis methods renders them less than ideal in promoting a deep and restorative nights sleep…especially when sleep is disturbed by extreme anxiety, chronic multipoint pain and/or circadian rhythm sleep disorders due to travel, shift work, blindness or a brand new baby!
Delicious, nutrition grade Cannabis infused edibles in low calorie preparations offer a nutritional boost to a deep, long and restorative nights sleep lasting over eight hours.
The pharmacokinetics of Cannabis edibles via the GI tract in an edible containing no more than 20mg THC support their celebrated role in reducing pain and anxiety and muscle tension contributing to both the depth and duration of sleep.
Most Cannabis edibles are formulated with Delta 9 THC. THC has biphasic effects on anxiety. In low doses it is anxiolytic- in high doses it can activate the fight flight symathetic nervous system to worsen anxiety and even trigger hypo-mania.
Edibles high in fiber, protein and oil naturally traverse the GI tract more slowly and are delivered to the liver and metabolized to 12- Hydroxy THC-when disseminated to the brain and tissues there is a deeply sedating effect that contributes to the depth of sleep and it’s duration.
In closing, I would also like to clarify the little known fact that the unique cannabinoid CBN-or Cannabinol, is most researched and proven effective for anti-insomnia benefits. The research suggesting an important role for CBN in the treatment of TSD centers on it’s critical role in promoting sleep. CBN is a breakdown product of THC. It also acts to suppress muscle spasms and relieve pain.


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