what needs to happen if I wanted to donate some of my medicine to another patient or dispensary

You need to fill out a 25 page form, submit in triplicate and wait 45 days for approval. Just kidding.

If you have purchased cannabis for your own medical condition, what you do with it afterwards is up to you. It would be illegal for you to give it to a minor. If someone who did not have a cannabis recommendation had it in their possession and was stopped by the police, I think there would be an issue for them as well as you for providing it to them. Even if they did, there might be an issue with you providing it.

I wold think that not being a authorized grower or distributor a dispensary would not want any "donations". However I may be incorrect on this and your best solution is to contact one and see.

Perry Solomon, MD

Many dispensaries have need-based programs for people who cannot afford cannabis. If you’re a grower and would like to donate medicine, contact local dispensaries to see what their vending process is for donations.


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