What oils are available for pain (hip)?

We create two types of CBD-rich liquid tinctures that many patients find successful for pain management. We make Moxie Meds Relief 1:1 and Recovery 4:1 oral medications with full plant organic ethanol extraction, using CBD-rich flowers (not trim) grown following organic standards. The rest of our non-cannabis ingredients are certified organic and are added to increase therapeutic efficacy. If you have either severe pain or some level of THC tolerance, you’ll likely find even parts CBD to THC (like our Relief 1:1) the most effective/strongest analgesic but there will often be some level of psychoactivity. If you are new to cannabis or need a less to non-psychoactive option for daytime needs, our Recovery 4:1 might be a better choice as most patients find it effective at reducing inflammation as well as pain, all without accompanying psychoactive effects. You could also consider utilizing the Recovery 4:1 during the morning and afternoon and the Relief 1:1 in the evening so that you get the best reduction of inflammation and pain relief possible hopefully without feeling a lack of focus or disruption to your workday. Finally, I would also suggest considering a topical medication in addition – to "double up" in the pain management, so to speak.


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