What products are being used for pain caused by peripheral neuropathy?

It is always a good idea to find out why a problem exists so the problem can be addressed appropriately. Why do you have peripheral neuropathy? Is your peripheral neuropathy due to vascular problems, neurological problems, nutritional deficiencies or is the reason unknown? Certainly I would encourage you to start doing CBD tincture or lozenges or THCA to reduce the inflammatory load on your body that may be resulting in your neuropathy. CBC may be beneficial if your neuropathy is due to a neurological problem. Consider treating your body internally and externally with CBDs since the external creams or balms do not go systemic. Have you had your inflammatory cells monitored? Are you eating sugar, using artifical sweetners, eating chemically laden foods with MSG and have you tried stopping all inflammatory foods? If you have also lost motivation, a small amount of Sativa could help to get you moving again but always balance high THC with high CBD for deep restorative sleep and long term improved health. If you take a multi level approach to treating yourself you very likely will end up much healthier with improvement in your disease process. I think CBDs make you learn to love yourself and you start treating yourself in a healthier way.


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