What products do you recommend for poor eyesight or Glaucoma?

I'm sorry to hear about your vision/ glaucoma issues. Cannabis can be useful adjunct to help w/ symptoms from glaucoma (i.e. corneal "steaming", pain & pressure, etc). However, multiple opthamology sources I have read indicate that it would be unfeasible to treat glaucoma using cannabis alone; some sources say the amount of cannabis needed to be smoked to have some effect on decreasing the intraocular pressure / IOP seen with glaucoma would be equivalent to smoking 6-8 times a day and no glaucoma specialist would recommend cannabis as a sole agent (read: glaucoma.org) The best treatment is to continue regular opthamology exams and use prescription topical eyedrops like Travatan or Lumigan to lower the pressure; cannabis can still be used to help w/ the pain & symptoms. I hope this helps!