What ratio CBD and THC is good for prolonging Alzheimer? And, is the oil from the best?

I really would like to answer this question but in reality, I am confused about the question. Usually, we do not want to prolong Alzheimers, we want to prolong quality to life or delay Alzheimers. Is it possible you could submit your question in a way that would allow a more reasonable answer to be presented? Do you or a loved one have Alzheimers? Are you asking what to do to prevent Alzheimers? What is the question you would like to discuss? We do like helping and we are here to help you but sometimes we need help to be aware of what you are asking.


Alzheimers is a very complex disease and we hear a lot about the sticky plaques in the brain that ’cause’ Alzheimer’s but does that really cause Alzheimer’s Disease or is this a symptom of the disease? That hasn’t been answered. You may want to start taking CBDs with low THC on a daily basis, probably at night would be best for deep restorative sleep and long term improved health. You will not notice a difference for approximately 2 months and then you may start to notice your brain functions better. This is not a promise but I still encourage you to try the CBDs as potential protection for your brain. You may be extremely chemically sensitive so I would also advise you to get all the chemicals out of your diet and do not spray toxic chemicals like herbicides or pesticides in your home. There are many things that you can do to be proactive to prevent this disease even though we are not fully aware of what causes the disease. Free glutamates, a neurologic toxin found in some foods & spices that will form or contain MSG are actually very toxic for the brain and you may want to review the video at unblindmymind.org and review the hidden MSGs at truthinlabeling.org for more information and remember to always stay active, eat healthy organic oils, hydrate well, keep a positive attitude, keep learning and watch as research progresses.


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