What should be used for sexual enhancement?

Some individuals like to say that cannabis "makes everything better". This includes many activities. It has the effect of dissolving boundaries and helping us reach a state of flow. For sexual enhancement you might try topical lubricants (such as foria), or edibles or inhaled cannabis. Start with a low dose and enjoy!


As Dr. Vanderveer mentioned, cannabis in general, can relax people and make them enjoy each others company which can enhance sexual pleasure. At this point in time there are only several products available specifically for "sexual enhancement". Foria has 2 products that we have had very good reports about. Foria Pleasure is a topical spray that is applied around and slightly inside the vagina. It has been reported to have no "high" related to the application except that women have reported feeling more relaxed and have a warm sensation in their vagina. However if oral sex occurs after application, the partner performing that act can experience a "high".

Foria also has Foria Explore that is a suppository for rectal administration. It has been reported to make anal sex more comfortable and pleasurable and therefore more enjoyable.

In both of these products, and any cannabis usage in general, its not always about "you". When your partner is feeling good, having pleasurable sensations, getting satisfaction from what you are doing with them, it leads to an enhancement of your own sexual pleasure. And sometimes, that’s enough!

Perry Solomon, MD

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