What should I take for PTSD & severe lower back pain?

Our experience using Sweet Releaf for lower back pain has been largely for folks who had physical injury to the site or muscles related to the spine, vertebra, discs, nerves etc. Yes, in such cases, Sweet ReLeaf is often the only thing that works well because it’s highly concentrated medicine that penetrates and relieves chronic pain exactly where needed and usually within 5 to 10 minutes. Often folks with PTSD also have physical injury to the area and they will feel physical relief without psychoactive effects. In this way, it helps relax the patient to the point where they can sleep better which again helps PTSD. Being able to curl up in a comfortable position at bedtime is very therapeutic. Being able to relax tense muscles is also therapeutic and supports an increased sense of wellbeing. Best way to know is to try it out, applying to the lower back daily & as often daily as needed to get the best results. Sometimes a topical in combination with a tincture for anxiety or depression can really work wonders!


Will cannabis patches relieve my lower back pain. I’ve had all the treatments that are available to rid me of my pain,but nothing has worked. I’m 85 years old and have suffered lower back pain for years. I want to find some relieve somewhere. Can you help me?


I agree with the use of the cannabis salve for your back pain especially the high CBD salve or a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC works well for pain relief for 4-6 hours but you may want to apply a second layer about 5-10 minutes later for longer and more effective relief. I would also encourage the daily use of high CBD low THC tincture or vape pen of a higher CBD to THC like ACDC to relieve the PTSD symptoms. It may take time to obtain relief with the oral medication but it should work well for you so you can start sleeping. There is an 18:1 high CBD spray you may store in your refrigerator and if you have brain chatter, try a spray in your mouth to stop the chatter to help you sleep more effectively. If you wake in the night you may want to have a vape pen next to your bed with 1:1, CBD:THC to help you return to sleep if you wake during the night.


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