What should I use to help with SSRI withdrawal?

"Hi. I’m tapering Cymbalta, Viibryd, Seroquel and Klonopin, 2% each, holding for 3 weeks between tapers.

I’m having hell with my 2nd 2% over the 4 meds and am currently using cbd oil from Vape Bright and wax from RSHO blue label.

It helped for the first withdrawal round but now it’s not working.

I’m taking approximately 20mg/day between wax and oil vapes.

Any ideas or suggestions? I’m going crazy.


Withdrawal from SSRI’s can be really difficult and I’m sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. SSRI’s like Cymbalta and Viibryd have been associated with some reports of suicidal ideation, so please please talk to your mental health support team if you feel like your safety is ever at risk. Benzodiazepine (Klonopin) withdrawal can be serious as well, depending on how much you take and for how long, and can even be associated with seizures, so again it’s really important to work with your care team to make the tapering as safe for you as possible. It’s good to hear that the CBD in your products is helping, which makes sense since CBD can calm anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms. 20 mg/day isn’t a very high dose, so you could start by increasing your CBD dose. Have you considered incorporating some THC into your cannabis regimen? It could likely help with insomnia as well as nausea.


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