What strain is best for sexual desire

"I no longer feel the desire for sex. I don’t know if its the pain medications or menopause from my hysterectomy "

I don’t think that it matters what strain. You should think first about what type of THC tolerance do you have? Then, do you prefer Indica (sleepy, body high) or Sativa (more uplifting energetic high). For sexual desire, you definately want to have some THC involved. Your tolerance can vary widely so I would start with a minimal amount first and moderate from there. Try a Kiva espresso bean with 5mg of THC and see how that works for you.


We have a number of questions on sex and cannabis that have been answered by doctors and experts in the community. Have a look at this article covering strains and products (https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/587417bc2975c00008b040b1/marijuana-increases-your-sexual-experience) as well as the following article, which includes 3 of the most popular Q&As on sexual health/enhancement.


There is no magical answer to this question as everyone reacts differently. That said, some strains are better known for increasing desire and pleasure. We wrote this article about the topic during the past year. Perhaps you will find one that works for you from this list! Hope this helps!



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