What strain of edible Cannibas works good for pinch nerve relieve?

"I wanted to see what works good for nerve pain relieve. I’m not a smoker but I do eat the edible indica Strains. The nerve pain I’m having is due to a dislocated disk in my C5 & C6 which is pinching a nerve on my left side arm as well as shoulder spasm due to the pain. I was prescribed Norco (didn’t work at ALL), ibuprofen 600mg (didn’t work), morphine (only worked for 1hr), ketorolac injection (took 8 hr to kick in). I took a green hornet (indica strain 70mg) took half (35mg) it worked, but the pain sensation was very intense (burning feeling). Just giving a little history. What strain would you suggest that would works best?

I’ve tried CBD, but the CBD’s I’ve tried seems to not work at all to relieve pain like they say it does.

Looking forward to a suggestion"

Are you trying thc and CBD combinations? Nerve pain is nasty, you’ll definitely need a solid thc dose in that edible to get maximum pain relief. Try to find something with a 1:1 thc to CBD ratio or slightly thc dominant. The team of the two is the best combo for pain. Indica derived oils are always the best pain medicine


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