What strains or preparations of cannabis would most mimic the effects of an opiate?

"Of all the drugs I’ve taken for depression, small daily doses of oxycodone was the only thing that work, and it worked beautifully for years till my doctor retired and he and I could never find another one. Thank you!"

I personally like a 50/50 home blend of cherry pie and champagne kush. But I also deal with spasticity in my MS. Good luck! I’d love to hear how this works for you!


Hello there! I’ve read some case reports of pts and doctors unresponsive to other meds using opiates. My question is: do you think that your depression was linked to chronic pain issues? As for recreating the effect of an opiate, this is tricky because just like cann, pts have diff. subjective experiences when using different opiates just like people have different experiences when trying different cannabis strains. This is just supposition, but my guess is that you’re going after something "heavier", that might be associated w/ more "couch lock" &/or with sleep. Why not try strains that have more THC &/or CBN, more indica-based strains. As for the depression mgmt, have yoiu been participating in any behavioral therapy like CBT/DBT? I hope this helps out and hope to hear on your progress!


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