What strains would you recommend for sports enhancement?

"I’ve used sativas such as Fruit Punch and Green Crack in replacement of my pre-workout gym shake and have had great effects however, I am curios to understand other strain alternatices and if you would recomend any specific strains as a "sports enhancer". "

Sativa strains is what I would recommend so it sounds like you are on the right course. Sour Diesel and Trainwreak are a couple other strains that may work well. I would recommend using edibles that can be absorbed into the body quickly such as mints or gummy bears as oppose to brownies for example.

I would also refrain from smoking cannabis as it may limit your respiratory function. Vaporizing would be a better alternative than smoking.

Here is a link for Stokes mints that come in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica varieties: https://getstokes.com/our-products-new/

Also, after workingout, I would recommend vaporizing a CBD strain to help with muscle recovery such as AC/DC.

Hope this helps


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