What strength of cbd and thc is best for Parkinson’s and moderate dementia?

"Dad has Parkinson’s and recently was diagnosed with moderate dementia and is aggressive combative. I was told cbd oils for day time to keep him calm and thc at night to help him sleep . But what would be the best dosage? I already bought the 200 mg cbd oil and tried It once and it didn’t work . So I’m guessing he needs a stronger miligrams . Is there a milligrams that can be recommended. Also someone mentioned indica strength is best . I am new to this. Any information is awesome "

Hello, I can try to help from my experience. My mother has advanced dementia and was very agitated, walking around and falling. She is very calm now with around 180-200 mg of CBD daily divided in smaller doses. i also give her medical cannabis CBD: THC 1:1 in small doses, because THC makes her agitated and combative. I don’t know the dose because I have made cannabutter my self so I go by feeling. She is never stoned but very calm. I hope I helped you in some way, if you have any more questions i will be glad to help 🙂


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