What type and form of cannabis for severe neck muscle spasms?

"I am based in the UK. I have awful myofascial pain areas and already take amitriptyline (75 mg) to reduce the spasm from my neck muscles. The muscles have shortened and are very fibrous. My trapezius and scalene muscles are affected. I want to find out what form of cannabis may help me, possibly CBD only or with very low THC. Thank you."

Topical cannabis (cream, salves, oils) would be a great treatment option for you. Cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory, pain relieving properties that work well on musculoskeletal pain. It is best to get a topical that contains both THC and CBD as they both enhance each other’s effects. Furthermore, with topical cannabinoids, you will receive localized pain relief without feeling “high” since these products do not go directly into the bloodstream (excluding transdermal patches which can go into the bloodstream). Here are some great articles as well from our website:


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