What type of cannabis can be taken for depression?

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with depression. Please check out these search results for answers to similar questions from community members:


Hi there, I’m not an MD, but I can tell you that depression is a very common reason for people to use medical marijuana. You really just need to experiment and find the right strains/products for you. Take a look at this article, which lists some good strains for depression

There are also a number of holistic approaches you can take in addition to cannabis.

Best of luck to you!

Danielle Lim

Here you can find all the information about how cbd can work on depression and anxiety. Now as far as I’ve experienced the depression, I took Green Roads’ CBD oil (https://www.greenroadsworld.com/collections/cbd-cannabis-oils) and it worked like heaven to me. So I suggest you the same.
All the best!


amnesia haze i heardisgood or blue dream or ak47


Hey there,

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time.

I think CBD that is cannabis extraction is very useful for anxiety.

I take CBD Oil for it and has found it super effective.

Here is a link of what i take for depression:



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