What type of cannabis product can help with insomnia related to Parkinson's?

"My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s; she is 57 years old and is on the 6 mg of the Neupro patch which has helped. She is having issues sleeping and we are interested in trying medical marijuana for sleep. Do we stay away from THC and just go with a CBD based oil? She has a fair amount of anxiety and don’t want to exacerbate it."

YES, CBD does help with anxiety and is best taken during the daytime. If your issue is sleep, then taking a High THC tincture would be the best. An Indica strain works best. I don’t recommend CBD for sleep as it keeps alot of people up, it tends to be stimulating for most people. THC can be helpful for sleep and also tremors from Parkinson’s. tinctures are great because you can control the dose so you get the medicinal effects without getting "high".. The rule is to start with a low dose and slowly increase it until you get the desired result.. So basically, CBD during the day and THC at night for sleep.


For sleep I would recommend a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1. For Parkinson symptoms use a tincture in MCT oil with a CBD:THC ratio of >20:1 under the tongue twice daily every day and every 6 hours as needed on top of twice daily for muscle spasms/tremor/anxiety/depression. Any ratio of CBD:THC >10:1 will not make you "high." It will take about 2-3 weeks for full efficacy. Titrate your dose up as you see fit as you will build tolerance (1 drop twice daily, may increase to 2 drops twice daily for instance and more).


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