What types of cannabis can you recommend for severe pain and muscle spasms due to muscular dystrophy?

"I was just diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and with it comes severe pain and muscles spasms. I’ve been using MMJ for about a year and have not touched my opiates in half as long. Does anybody have good recommendations for strains that may help with this? I primarily use edibles and RSO but I’m looking for some quick relief through flower. "

Have you tried any of the topicals? There are a wide range of cannabis-infused creams, ointments, lotions and sprays. Many people find great relief from these. They may give quick relief as well. This is a great article on pain relief:
Use a vaping pen with Canna Tsu, ACDC or Harlequin. These strains contain around 20% CBD
Consider nutrition grade cannabis infused edibles in 10 mg THC dose for extended duration pain relief as alternative to NSAID’s and opiates and in 20mg THC dose to promote sleep. "Terra bites" is popular brand for 5mg THC doses.


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