what types of medications can tendonitis help?

Where is the location of the tendonitis? I’m a huge fan of topicals such as Sweet Releaf or specialized topical preps like Arni-cann (arnica gel + cannabis topical). If the tendonitis is in a foot, hand, or extremity, another interesting product is cannabis infused epsom salts that you put in warm water to soak the entire body in a tub or individual body parts in a bucket (these are made my companies like MakingYouBetterBrands.com as well as Sacred & Om) 60-70% is a figure that pops up multiple times with online sources in terms of amount of topical medication that is absorbed in the skin but I can’t tell how reliable this figure is. What this means is that I recommend pts to buy slightly higher doses than they use for other products like vape-pens and edibles in terms of milligrams of CBD & THC. Don’t forget to engage in some mild stretching while the area is medicated.


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