What vaporizer is the best for travel?

You don’t say where you’re traveling, is it to grandmas house by car? Are you flying to an anti-cannabis state? Or, by chance are you flying into the Philippines where you could be shot for even having paraphernalia because it indicates a possible link with possible drug use? I don’t recommend you travel with your paraphernalia or your cannabis because people you don’t know can have control over your life in other states and other countries and if you end up in jail you would be without your cannabis anyway. If you can’t go without your cannabis and paraphernalia then maybe you should reconsider where you’re going. If your vaporizer is clean and does not smell like Cannabis, it may be safe to travel with it but unfortunately I have not been able to answer your question because I do not know what vaporizer is best for travel, I think all are risky for travel.


I’m not sure. I have traveled with the candy before.
I will be in California for 2 weeks then flying back home to Texas.
My best friend lives in California so I mailed it to her.


Important things to focus on when finding a device suitable for travel are:

  1. Easily cleaned
  2. Minimal odor
  3. Efficient extraction

A device that can be cleaned easily is crucial for folks on the go, especially those traveling between states. It is important to have your vaporizer clean and the faster and easier this can occur, the more travel you can do!

When staying at hotels, a friends house, or with Mom and Dad, a device with low odor is hugely important. The low odor devices are generally convection vaporizers with short vapor paths. These factors ensure less resin build up and less herb needed for use.

Efficient extraction is important so you can get a quick hit in here or there, between meetings, etc. Again, convection devices are best for this type of usage as they allow you to heat the herbs only while drawing rather than heating the whole chamber for use at one time.

Check out the Grasshopper Vaporizer. It looks just like a pen, is super discreet, is a convection vaporizer, and has the easiest cleaning of any device I have tried. For more information, visit GHVape.com.


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