What would be the best strain to combat racing thoughts?

"Basically what would be best for acute anxiety relief in moments where your thoughts start to get out of whack and you may have a panic attack?"

Great question and unfortunately there is no one-size answer. There is a lot out there about cannabis quelling anxiety and it is true that a large percentage of people who seek cannabis do find relief with it for their anxiety. But that said, it can go the opposite way with a strain that is too high in THC or if your THC tolerance is very low, which mine happens to be!

I am going to steer you towards an article that we wrote. I like this particular one as it focuses on high CBD strains. CBD is known to be more calming.

Top 10 High-CBD Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

I am not a doctor and this post is based on my experience and opinion only.

I hope this helps!


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