What would be the best treatment for soft tissue sarcoma with spindle cell?

There are extensive diagnostic and treatment criteria for sarcoma. If you are considering supplementing your oncologist’s treatment plan with cannabis, please be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Cannabis may affect the metabolism of chemotherapeutics.

There is no known "best" cannabis treatment for sarcoma or any other cancer. What we do know is that there are antioxidants in marijuana, and anti-tumor properties have been identified in the lab. We won’t be able to say if cannabis is helpful in treating sarcoma until extensive clinical research trials are performed.

In general, for patients wishing to supplement their cancer treatment with cannabis, we recommend maintaining a more constant, around the clock level of cannabinoids. This is best achieved by using edibles, which act for approximately 6-8 hours.

Usually CBD-containing edibles are suggested, because CBD offsets the psychoactive properties of THC and makes the medicine more tolerable. I would consider a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC in your maximum-tolerable dose every 8 hours.

Cannabis has been found to be very helpful in managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. If you become acutely ill and need fast-acting relief, I would recommend vaporized marijuana.


My cousin has sarcoma and is about to undergo chemotherapy, and after that treatment will undergo radiation therapy. Can cannabis with high CBD value help her through her treatments.


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