What would be the most appropriate %thc and %cbd for HER2+ carcinoma (breast) if using the 60g protocol?

"Mom is currently being treated with docetaxel-herception-perjeta (2nd infusion this week), but would really like to be able to stop the chemo. Because HER2+ is aggressive, she was afraid that without the chemo she wouldn’t have had time for the MMJ to work. She has been working on building her tolerance to get to 1g/day with some edibles, but I’m not sure the exact %. They were home-made using a combination of CO2 extracts: 20g CannaTsu + 8g another hybrid (from what I was told %THC similar to RSO). She’s able to take about 1/3g in the evenings, but doesn’t like "being stoned" so she is also using a dropper of CBD ONE (Venice Cookie Co) to "offset the high". The amount she takes during the day varies depending on what she has scheduled. She’s about ready to place another order so I need to know what to get her (strains, cannabinoid profile… any info I can get).

Which strains (w/ THC:CBD %) are most suited in her case?

What is a good dose of THC/CBD in mg for her using the 60g protocol?

Sativa, Indica, hybrids or should she have some each??

What the THC:CBD % of oils that are marketed as RSO?

Thank you for your time!


Both THC and CBD have shown promise in eliminating cancerous cells, preventing metastasis, preventing angiongenesis (formation of new blodd vessels in malignant growths) and in supporting the body and mind while undergoing conventional cancer treatment. Many different opinions exist as to the optimal percentage of CBD and THC in the oil. My reccomendation would be to utilize cannabis that has a balance of THC and CBD and that is not too psychoactive or sedating. The exact percentages have yet to be determined and what may be more important is to use oil that is free of solvent and other extranious chemicals. If too much psychoactivity exsists with a certain oil, it would be wise to utilize an oil with less THC.


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