What would work for hashimotos disease and under active thyroid?

Hashimotos disease is an auto-inflammatory condition that leads to destruction of the thyroid gland and decreased production of thyroid hormones. Cannabis may be useful in lowering the inflammation associated with this condition. I would try a whole plant tincture extract (or Rick Simpson Oil) that contains CBD and THC.


I am very sorry to hear that your daughter is experiencing these distressing symptoms. Cannabis can help. CBD is a very potent anti-inflammatory and is very safe and well tolerated. It is impossible to overdose on CBD (and even cannabis with high levels of THC) and it does not cause organ damage or other toxic affects. CBD works by increasing our own natural endocannabinoid levels. I would start with a CBD tincture or "Rick Simpson" type oil and give about 25 milligrams twice or three times per day. Make sure that the oil or tincture is "whole plant extract" and not just CBD, as the multitude of compounds in cannabis give better results than any one cannabinoid in isolation. Observe her pain, sleeping patterns, and other signs and if you see little to no improvement, double the dose. It may take a few days for inflammation to decrease. If you see worsening of symptoms, decrease the dose, and visit with your endocrinologist. It may also help to visit a cannabis expert, visit online forums and connect with others who are facing a similar challenge. Also do not be afraid to try THC along with the CBD. Do whatever it takes to decrease your daughters suffering. Neither Cannabis, CBD or THC will negatively impact her development.


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