What would you recommend for a stage 4 cancer patient?

Hello. Our Chief Medical Officer Perry Solomon, MD, answered a similar question (click on the link below to see the full answer). He writes: "There have never been any studies or documentation that any type of cannabis can cure cancer in humans. … I tend to look at cannabis in cancer in that it can help the nausea and other side effects that chemotherapy may induce. It can increase appetite in patients who are losing weight."
I have a dear friend who has stage 4 colon cancer who is using a high CBD 18:1 vape pen to manage her nausea and anxiety/stress–and has found it to be very helpful in that regard. That said, she is undergoing a chemotherapy protocol along with other meds that her doctor has prescribed her. Hope this helps.


Cannabis effects, particularly those of whole plant preparations, can provide much help with symptoms associated with cancer and cancer treatment such as nausea, anorexia, and mood disturbance. I highly recommend reading Dr. Solomon’s response cited here as it clearly summarizes the state of our understanding of cannabis use in cancer. He notes its lack of toxicity, and this makes it extremely safe to use as an adjunct to conventional cancer treatment, but it is not an alternative treatment for cancer in any medical sense.


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