What's a good tincture regimine for migraine prevention?

"I have near daily migraine with aura. My migraines are "silent", without headache but cause single sided neurological issues, nausea, jaw pain, numbness and tingling as well as a host of other odd neuro sensations. I’m looking for a way to prevent my migraines or reduce the frequency."

Cannabis treats the symptoms of migraines, it is not a cure.
Cannabis salve applied to the neck will typically stop migraines from immediately reoccurring as in the case of cluster migraines.
In order to prevent migraines it seems likely it is a combination of regular intake of CBD Cannabis as well as eliminating all the offending food substances and chemicals from your environment. You may want to do a search for the articles on our website, in the chat room, regarding migraines. Free glutamate’s are neurologically toxic (this is not gluten), cigarette smoke, perfumes and many environmental chemicals are toxic to migraine sufferers as well as simple items like Parmesan, an aged cheese you might have on a pizza.
Cannabis tincture works because there is some evidence that CBD protects the brain from neurotoxins and the damage they cause.
Consider doing high CBD tincture, 2 to 3 doses per day and I believe you will notice a difference in about a month with the reduction of the severity and frequency of your migraines but you must eliminate the exposure to Neurotoxins. Once your migraines are under control you may reduce your CBD intake to see what the minimum doses that will still control your migraines but please don’t add in the neurotoxins.


I have constant migraines. I get so sick can’t do anything but stay in.


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