What’s everyone’s take on Vape tanks like Heavy Hitters or Brassknuckles ?

Hi there! I have the Brass Knuckles vape cartridge in the Sativa strain Tangie. It is a tasty cartridge! Brass Knuckles delivers the citrus flavor that I would expect from a Tangie cartridge, and it is smooth to consume. The cartridge itself feels pretty heavy-duty, but still use with caution! Be sure store it in the upside down position when it is not in use, to prevent leaks or breaks. I personally feel that the cartridge works best with a temperature controlled vaporizer [one that has a button or the option to adjust the temperature] for optimum flavor. Although a vape battery without a button will still work, you will be miss out on the flavor that makes using a vape cartridge so enjoyable! Brass Knuckles cartridges can be difficult to find, so if you see it available at your local dispensary or delivery service, I think it is definitely worth a try! 😀


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