What's healthier on the lungs, dab vs. vaping dry herb?

"I am a ex smoker and have recently been told to completely cut out any form of smoke going into my lungs, however, cannabis still has medical benefits I can take advantage from. What is healthier for my lungs? A dab vape pen or a volcano vaporizer?"

Congratulations on quitting smoking! In order to facilitate the best recovery for your lungs, I would recommend medicinal marijuana Sublingual tinctures/oils and would avoid inhaled form. A cannabis tincture is a highly concentrated form of marijuana dissolved in alcohol, glycerin or oil such as coconut. It takes only a few drops under your tongue to achieve a therapeutic effect. The advantages to the tincture is that it is easy, fast, effective and most of all does not involve the use of your lungs whatsoever. Both dabbing and vaping are much healthier alternative to smoking however, I would give your lungs the ability to fully recover. According to the Lung Institute, after quitting; Your lungs will become more efficient in the ability to process oxygen after a month. The cilia in your lungs start to function properly again after 9 months. Your risk of lung, mouth, throat, bladder, kidney and pancreas cancer drop dramatically after 10 years.


Consider the difference in materials. Concentrates have added ingredients to extract the oil from the plant matter. There is not much data about the health effects of this form of marijuana consumption. Flower has no added ingredients and can be found in the most organic form with clean processing and growth practices.

Dabs have always seemed to be more harsh of a hit to me. Likely, this is because there is much more active ingredient packed into a small amount. If you want the portability of a dab pen, but with flower capabilities, check out the Grasshopper Vaporizer. It is US made by Hopper Labs and has a lifetime warranty. For more information, visit GHVape.com.


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