What's the best ratio of CBD to THC to deal with the symptoms of perimenopause?

"I have trouble sleeping, among other symptoms from hormonal changes brought on by perimenopause."

The answer would depend on some factors: Are there any other medical issues or mental health issues in play? It sounds like you’ve had some experience w/ med cann products; have you had any adverse reactions and if so, what were the products and the cannabinoid profiles of said products? In the short blurb you’ve given, it sounds like sleep and some mood dysphoria are the biggest issues that you are dealing with. For sleep, I recommend carefully dosed edibles with some THC and CBN (enough to help you feel "heavy" but not enough to cause mood swings or paranoia). I tell pts to try a test dose of any edible first (like on a Friday or weekend where there’s no work/ responsibilities the next day) and to only take a fraction of what is recommended as an adult dose (i.e. 1/2, or 1/3 of a full adult dose listed on the label of the edible product). For daytime mood mgmt, you can try a vape-pen but keep the doses "low and slow"; another popular method w/ my pts is tincture drops diluted in hot non-caffeinated tea (for these a higher CBD: THC ratio has helped my pts, one can start w/ 2:1 or 3:1 CBD:THC and dilute the amount the tea you mix accordingly for safety. As I tell many of my perimenopausal pts, this is a difficult time that usually calls for a multi-modal approach (i.e. daily exercise, meditation/ mindfulness/ self-hypnosis, nutritional supplements, etc). I hope this helps!


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