What's the best way to take cannabis to alleviate pain without feeling high?

"My 1::1 tincture (1 dropper dose) taken at bedtime does reduce the pain, but I thought I could do better. I took the 1:1 after dinner, then hours later at bedtime I added a 40 mg THC capsule. I lay awake for hours, and then the room began to swim. This continued for most of the next day. Questions: If I knock off the 1:1 and just use the THC, am I likely to have the same unpleasant response ? Should THC help with pain?"

It sounds like the dose of THC is too much for you. What is causing your pain? It’s important to treat the cause, if possible, and not just the symptoms. A good practice is to use cannabis via different routes.
For example, if you are having hip or back pain, use a cannabis topical that contains both THC and CBD so that you get that good entourage effect….without any psychoactive effects. The topical works right at the place where you apply it. Then use the 1:1 tincture at night to help you sleep and as an alternate pathyway to treat the pain.


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