What's the Correct CBD Ratio for Anxiety

"If I’m only trying to get the CBD benefits for anxiety what is the ratio I should look for? Last night I had part of a gummy that was supposedly pure CBD and it worked well. But I got another type of gummy that is 10:1 CBD to THC so I’m wondering if that has too much THC. I don’t want to have the psychoactive effects or feel high from it. Thanks!"

Careful with edibles. The absorption is very unpredictable and if you are sensitive to the THC and ingest too much, you may have an unpleasant 8-10 hours. Best to try, and adjust the doses of, new strains by tincture or vapor. It’s much easier to titrate. Start low and go slow! That being said, most patients are able to tolerate CBD:THC ratios as high as 1:1 without anxiety or psychoactivity, so I would not expect 10:1 to exacerbate your symptoms.


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