What's the experience like vaping with concentrates?

"I am used to vaping bud. What concentrates can you use in the Firefly and what’s the experience like vs bud?"

The experience with vaporizing with concentrates(oil) is the best one you can ever have. Not only do you experience a smooth hit each time, but you control your usage way better than you would with the flowers. A lot of health benefits come from vaping concentrates.


Concentrates are definitely alot stronger than flowers but inside of the Firefly 2 concentrates are amazing. First of all you are vaping at 500 degrees f which for concentrates is perfect because you can actually taste your product plus it extends the usage of your material for example I pressed out a .2 of rosin and got over 30 hits in my Firefly 2 and a dab rig can never do that for you. Firefly 2 is great with flowers but even better with concentrates. You can vape just about any concentrates whether it be wax shatter budder crumble even e liquid can be vaped as long as you use the concentrate pads they came with so the list is endless.


In my opinion, you get a much smoother pull from vaping concentrates over flower. You sacrifice some of the major flavor profiles using oil, but what you gain is consistancy, less burn, and less smell (it’s much more inconspicuous). In my experience, you really can’t overcook concentrates, where vaping flower can result in combustion. The biggest benefit is consistancy and uniformity when it comes to concentrates. I know exactly what one pull from a concentrate will do. With flower, you could have a section of bud that’s highly concentrated and there’s no real way of telling before smoking it. As mentioned by a previous poster, concentrates are also significantly more potent, resulting in fewer tokes.

Edit: Forgot to add that even though the jury may still be out on this one, I personally believe that vaping in general has less health risks over combustion. As mentioned above, there’s no way to combust oil, so you’re probably in a safer place with concentrates than flower.

Cheers Mate!


Vaping now if very common with all the new concentrates these days and smoking bud compared to concentrates is very different hi I feel. Where smoking bud is very nice and gets you too that point your looking for where to concentrates are more intense hi and relaxing and I feel the firefly would be a great tool to use for the everyday user or someone who wants something more discreet and almost look more professional to smoke with and enjoy thanks guys for producing something finally that looks smooth and safe to indulge in.


Vaping is a great way to enjoy your concentrates! The main thing to keep in mind when using a vaporizer for concentrates is that you need to be sure your device can handle the proper temperatures necessary. The Firefly 2 can handle temperatures up to 400F, making it perfect for concentrates as well as herb. However, as opposed to just vaporizing normal cannabis, concentrates may require more cleanup afterwards.


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