when using a CBD tincture is there a difference in effect due to plant origin- indica va sativa?

Yes, there is although some people may debate this and say that indica and sativa have become so cross bred and confused that the effect are diluted. In general an indica will make you more relaxed, be sedating and have a full body effect. Sativa on the other hand will generally create a more uplifting, energetic, creative effect, like it may make you want to get up and clean your house.

That said, most tinctures you will find will not list whether they are sativa or indica based. Rather they will tell you the ratio of CBD to THC. For instance, I often take a 20:1 ratio tincture which is 20 parts CBD to 1 part THC. To complicate matters you will find that cannabis sativa tends to have more CBD toTHC in the plant, so there may be a tendency to use cannabis sativa although I can not verify this as the way people make their products is highly variable.

Lastly, if you are taking a CBD tincture it is important to know if it is being made from hemp or as many people say ‘whole flower’. Hemp is bred for the highest level of CBD to lowest levels of THC (almost imperceptible). My personal preference is always to go for whole flower over hemp based CBD tinctures as I believe in the entourage effect.


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